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Glover Park Village 

PO Box 32255
Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-436-5545  

CFC #18447.   

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A small group of neighbors and volunteers has been working hard since 2010 to create a
neighborhood in greater Glover Park where intergenerational connections flourish,
neighbors help neighbors, and no one is forced to move prematurely because of disability
or frailty. Building on models from around the country, we call our effort Glover Park
Village (GPV). We accomplish our goals by:

• Building on existing neighborliness, connecting those with the ability to give  

  with those in  need of help;

• Providing residents of all ages opportunities to give back to the community,    

  volunteer their  time and skills, and make enduring connections;

• Providing both information and connections to the myriad services available in
  Washington, D.C.;


• Providing opportunities for persons of all ages to socialize easily within Glover

  Park; and

• Fostering a livable and age-friendly community.


Be part of making this wonderful vision a reality! 


Want to learn safe and basic exercises that you can perform at home to optimize your function as you age? This free program is for you! Come learn about how to stay healthy, safe and independent for as long as possible. Physical therapist Rachel Bracken will provide advice, guidance, and general education about issues that affect us as we age. Wednesday, November 20, 4:30pm at Guy Mason Recreation Center, 3600 Calvert St NW. Call 202-346-5545 or write for more information.



FREE EVENT: Healthy Eating As We Age



If you’re confused about what kind of oil to buy, which kind to consume and for what and in which quantity – let alone “if” you should consume fats at all, this class is for you. We’ll first look at the role of fat as a main nutrient for energy and other metabolic functions in the body; then we’ll delve into the specifics. Count on this class to learn how to make the Curry Lentil Soup that everyone loved in our last class and additional new recipes…
Monday, November 25 from 5pm to 6:30pm at Guy Mason Recreation Center, 3600 Calvert St NW. For more info: or 202-436-5545

Transportation options available to DC residents

Glover Park Village has compiled a list of transportation resources available to both older and disabled residents in cases where no Village volunteer drivers are available. These services are provided by agencies and groups other than the Village, and information on them is offered by the Village as a courtesy to our service recipients. Note that a number of these services require prior enrollment.  Click on Resources in the menu tab and then on Transportation to see the complete list