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Glover Park Village 

PO Box 32255
Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-436-5545  

CFC #18447.   

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Glover Park Village provides a variety of services, both occasional and ongoing, to residents of greater Glover Park.

A listing of some of these services is provided below. To request a service:

  • Click the button Service request.
  • Print out and complete the Service Request form.
  • Mail in the form to the address indicated or send it to as an email attachment.
  • Print out and read the Release form. Sign it in your volunteer' s presence and give it to him or her for deposit in the Village office.



Popular services provided by Glover Park Village:


  • Transportation (medical appointments, grocery shopping)
  • Errands (pick up prescriptions, mail packages)
  • In-home assistance (minor maintenance/trash disposal, help with downsizing)
  • Outdoor assistance (yard clean-up/snow removal, etc)
  • Equipment (assistance devices/tools, etc)
  • Companionship/Staying in touch (visits, telephone check ins)
  • Social Activities (neighborhood events/restaurant gatherings/volunteer opportunities)
  • Information/Skill development (senior services/recommended repairmen, workmen, computer assistance)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a need that is not listed here. We may still be able to oblige!

Tel: 202-436-5545    Email:     Mailing address: PO Box 32255, Washington, DC 20007